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Scenes from the Chemistry 2019 REU cycle

ODU Chemistry hosted 10 REU participants from community colleges in Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, and California.

Participants' Home Community Colleges:
REU participants: Johana F., Candice Y., Nicole M., Molly B., Cheandri A., Jane M., Brett P., Marrett G., Nicole R., Tanisha W., and Dr. Bayse
Brett P 19.JPG
Nicole M 19.JPG

Brett P. presenting his poster on the examination of the molecules in an oil spill in Dr. Hatcher's group

Nicole M. shows how to make silver nanowire coatings in Dr. Cooper's group.

Tanisha W 19.JPG

Nisha W. describes her DFT calculations on interactions between zinc finger models and sulfur/selenium compounds in Dr. Bayse's group.

Johana F 19.jpg

Johana F. presents how ozonolysis of biochar helps phosphates affects seed germination in Dr. Lee's group.

Cheandri A 19.JPG

Cheandri talks about how she made gelator molecules for drug delivery in Dr. Wang's group.

Molly B.JPG

Molly B. presents her work on functionalizing resorcinarene nanoparticles in Dr. Ramjee's group.

Nicole R.jpg

Nicole R. shows how vanadium complexes can have a negative effect on cell growth in Dr. Slaughter and Holder's labs.

Candice Y 19.jpg

Candice Y. gives an update on using NMR to determine the chemical structure of wood char tars in Dr. Mao's group.

Jane M 19.JPG

Jane M. presents how use mechanochemistry to make co-crystals for drug delivery in Dr. Pagola's group.

Marnett G 19.jpg

Marrett G. describes his work on purification techniques for recombinant proteins in Dr. Purcell's group.

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