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Faculty Mentors

Clean Fuel Production & Applications
Xiaoyu Zhang 

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Sandeep Kumar 

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Christopher Bailey

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Fuel cell, hydrogen production, high temperature electrolysis, microfluidics, electrochemical process.

Biofuels, biomass, supercritical fluids, subcritical and supercritical water, hydrothermal, reaction engineering

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Craig Bayse
Ayodeji Demuren
Alvin Holder

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Computation inorganic chemistry

Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, turbulence modeling, CFD

Transition metal chemistry, artificial photosynthesis

James Lee

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Advanced biochar chemistry, synthetic biology, advanced biofuels, and bioenergetics research

Orlando Ayala

Department of  Engineering Technology

Multiphase flows, turbulent flows, transport of particles in fluid flows, compressible flows, heat transfer, numerical modeling, and high performance parallel computing and scientific computation

Shizhi Qian

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Microfluidics, nanofluidics, lab on a chip, electrokinetic transport, energy conversion, micro/nano-scale transport

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