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Scenes from the Chemistry 2021 REU cycle

ODU Chemistry hosted 10 REU participants from community colleges in Virginia and California in our new Chemistry building.

REU participants: Front row: Novia M., Jasmine H., Nishi P., Catharine C.; Back row: Karcher G., Samuel C., John P., Clarence H., Jared C. (not pictured: Carlens J.)
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Dr. Holder leads a session on transfer to a 4-year program. Each Friday, the REU participants met for a lunch session on professional development.

Hynes 20210604_125800_edited.jpg

Dr. Hynes teaches the group about responsible conduct of research and ethics in Science.

Harper Labcoat photo_edited.jpg

Clarence H. takes a break from research in Dr. Ramjee's lab in the new building's common areas.

Praria image_50396417_edited.jpg

John P. prepares samples in Dr. Cooper's lab.

Mann REU Photo_edited.jpg

Novia M. extracts her new compound with a separatory funnel in Dr. Holder's lab.

Goldman thumbnail_IMG_20210729_150851_edited.jpg

Karcher G. cleans up after a success NDI synthesis in Dr. Mao's lab.

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